SimCity 3000 (quick review)

Ok, so today, I was at a thrift store and after looking around, I came across a couple of games that interested me. SimCity 4 and SimCity 300o. Now, I had heard about these particular games being very good and, after confirming with a friend, decided to purchase them for a massive 7 dollars! After this, my friend and I quickly ran home to play them.

Sadly, they dont work very well on windows 7 computers, but thankfully I happen to own an old Sony Vaio that is running windows xp on it. So we decided to use it to play SimCity 3000 because that’s the one my friend wanted to play first. While he did that, i decided to start working on using some virtualization software to get SimCity 4 working on Windows 7.

While i would wait for the system to completes its tasks, i would watch, and even play along with my friend as he went.  I knew that I had made a good purchase. The basic premise of the game is to build your own city, you set up zoning for people to build their own buildings or you can put stuff there yourself. But its more than just that, you have to manage finances, sanitation, water and electrical systems as well. All while trying to keep yourself from going bankrupt.

But there are also forces that you have to contend with. On occasion a natural disaster will occur and destroy your city, forcing you to rebuild. We later found out that this feature can be turned off. But I admit, it adds to the challenge of the game.

I seriously cannot wait to play more, I will do my best to have a full review up shortly!!!


2 responses to “SimCity 3000 (quick review)

  1. SimCity 3000! Good ol days. I prefer 2000 though. 4 is quite daunting, but still manageable when you get to know the rules.

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