Kung Fu (short review)

When people think of NES launch games, they generally think of two games. Super Mario Bros. and Duck hunt. However, there were more than just those two.  Those that ventured deeper into the game library may have discovered Kung Fu, a console port of the arcade game known as Kung Fu Master.

The goal of the game is simple, you are Thomas, some Kung Fu warrior, and your mission is to rescue your girlfriend Silvia from the fiendish Mr. X. But first, you have to fight through the evil tower against a horde of smaller enemies and, at the end of each level, a boss.


Gameplay is extremely simple, you walk with the directional pad and punch or kick your enemies with the buttons. You can also jump kick and perform low punches and kicks. It is really simple but there are plenty of enemies that stand in Thomas’s way. These range from standard warriors that love to grab Thomas and, I’m guessing, give him a brutal hug or something. There also little midget warriors that jump around and annoy you. Finally there are wasps, dragons, snakes and confetti balls that explode and harm Thomas.

You fight through five levels and that’s all there is, then you do it over and over again until you run out of lives. And a playthrough only takes about 5-6 minutes. Its that simple/bland/short. For me, I found myself wanting something more and the gameplay becomes monotonous quickly. But I do admit, its fun for a half hour or so.

Next we need to talk about the graphics, well, they are mediocre but for an NES launch title, ill let it pass. They have some detail but its obvious that the NES was in its infant stages graphically.

Thats really all that I have to say about this game because thats really all there is. I guess the sound design is alright but its the NES so its nothing special. I only recommend this game to someone who likes doing the same thing over and over. Its an ok challenge but I really didn’t like it.




4 responses to “Kung Fu (short review)

    • I find that nostalgia does a lot for games. I’m actually avoiding doing reviews on my personal favorite games because of that fact. Thanks for your comment, I really appreciate them 🙂

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