Tecmo Super Bowl (Quick Review)

Over the past couple of months, there has been one game that my friends and I have been playing a lot of. Tecmo Super Bowl, the sequel to Tecmo Bowl. I wish I could do a full review but sadly, I do not own it. However, I will not let that stop me!!

Anyway, the game play is simple, one team kicks off and the other receives and does a running play. After the play, its time to open the playbook, there are 8 different plays that you can select by using a combination of the d-pad and the A/B buttons. The 4 plays on top are the running plays while the 4 on bottom are passing plays. Also, the player on defense tries to predict what play you will make by selecting a play as well. Its a fun mechanic and I find that if you select the same play as the offense, you will usually stop the play quickly or get a quarterback sack. Its  fun to see if you guess right!!

Once your plays are selected, the defensive player gets to choose a player to take control of, this is done by pressing the A or B buttons to scroll through the available players before the offense hikes the ball. From here, its simple, the offensive player either runs or throws, throwing is done by simply pressing the A button to select a player to throw to and then pressing A to pass the ball. I’ve found some luck by just throwing up hail marys as its tougher for the defense to cover your players that way. Today, it seems rather primitive but its still a lot of fun.

There have been many curse words uttered during matches of Tecmo Super Bowl. My friend and I have had heated games, coming down to spectacular throws or incredible runs in the last seconds of the game. Even though there is so much more to the game, id be doing it an injustice by describing the mechanics to you, go out and play it now!



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