Super Smash Bros. Melee Memories

So much win!

So much win!

If there is one console game that I have played the most over the last decade, its easily Super Smash Bros. Melee. I remember the first time I played a demo of the game. It was mind blowing!! The first Super Smash Bros. was a lot of fun and is one of my favorite games on the Nintendo 64. Anyway, i played the new one and couldn’t believe what was happening, the sequel made the original look dull and uninspired. There were only a few characters to choose from in the demo but I played it for over an hour while my parents finished their shopping. It was a fantastic game but I didn’t have a Gamecube or the money for one so it faded into obscurity.

A year later, a friend of mine received a Cube for his birthday, and guess what came with it. Yep, Super Smash Bros. Melee!! I again got to play this masterpiece, learning all the new tricks as I played. It got to the point where I eventually surpassed my friends skills and reigned king of the smash!! We continued to play the game for a solid year or so before he moved away. It was a sad day for my Smash Bros. addiction.

However, not too long afterwords, I managed to save up enough money to purchase the console for myself. The first game I purchased was actually The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker but my second was Smash Bros. I played the game to exhaustion, always trying to unlock the next character or the next trophy. I even remember playing a 99 life match with my cousin once. It took hours but I used Link to batter my foe towards him as he used Roy to charge up his sword and then BLAM!!! 50 damage and the enemy goes flying across the screen. It was a tactic that we utilized again and again.

Eventually, after hundreds of gameplay hours, I decided that it was time to erase my save data. I did and then proceeded to do it all over again. I found myself doing this numerous times because I just loved being able to unlock things. It game me a feeling of reward. I could say that I have successfully done everything in the game at least two or three times. However, as with all things, I grew bored of the game and put it away in storage with the hope that someday, ill play it again.

Well, after several years time, I got the opportunity to bring my Gamecube and a Tv into my highschool. Yes, I was a senior and had some time off during my terms. So with TV, Cube and some friends, we rekindled our smash love. We would play for an hour and a half every single day. I’m sure the teachers could hear us cursing at each other but they never said anything. Even the pricipal was ok with our gaming. It was a fantastic way to celebrate senior year. Even today, I still sit and play it every now and then, reliving the memories of the days gone by and an amazing game played!