Duck Hunt (Quick Review)



Mans Best Friend…..

For many, owners of the NES, the second game that they played was duck hunt. It came packaged with one of the editions of the NES and allowed players to use a light gun to shoot at the ducks that passed by the screen. Now you may be thinking, “Thats it? Sounds boring.” Well, believe it or not, it is actually pretty fun. For starters, if you go to play this today, make sure you have an old school CRT television. Why? Because for whatever reason, the gun doesn’t work as well on a flat screen television. The next thing you will notice are the multiple game modes. There is game A, B and C. The difference is that A and B are duck games (where in A one pops up on the screen at a time and B is two) and C is shooting clay pigeons, a harder version if you ask me.


Finally, all that you need to do is shoot the screen with the gun. If you hit enough targets, you advance to the next round, if you don’t then you lose. Also, if you miss the ducks in a section, the dog will laugh at you like a massive jerk. I kind of wish you could shoot it, but sadly you cannot. Really, that’s all there is to it, its a simple game with simple controls and mind numbing repetition. It is fun for about an hour or two, but quickly loses steam. If you are an NES collector, I highly recommend it just because of the novelty of being able to shoot things with a gun, but if you are looking for a game with a long life, look elsewhere.