Blast Corps Review


Blast Corps is awesome, developed by rare in 1997, I feel that it hasn’t received the attention it deserves as it is often overshadowed by Banjo Kazooie, Goldeneye or Conker’s Bad Fur Day. Which is a shame because its one of the better games on the n64

The concept behind blast corps is simple, you destroy buildings to prevent a truck carrying nuclear missiles from crashing. To do so, you command a variety of demolition machines that range from a simple dump truck to a combat rolling robot. All of these machines behave differently, the bulldozer, for example, can level small buildings but will need to push TNT crates to destroy larger ones. On top of destroying these buildings to keep the world safe (which you get paid in game currency to do) you will be saving people (by destroying buildings?!?) crashing into radio beacons to open secret levels, collecting RDU’s (not sure what that means exactly) and going through time attack missions. Now, the simple act of driving into a building would get old fast, fortunately, the later stages of Blast Corps function like fast paced puzzles, you have to think quickly and have good reflexes in order to obliterate the buildings in time, which is what makes the game so much fun.


Don’t let it crash!

Sadly, all is not perfect in the world, the game is fairly short, getting all the collectibles in a level does add some replay value but for many, there isn’t much to hold their attention after every level has been completed. I also have to complain about the controls a bit, while they work quite well, I have tremendous difficulty using the dump truck, controlling that thing properly is a monumental challenge and one of the robots seems to only do its attack when it feels like it, there is no indication that there is a cooldown on it either, which is a bit of a letdown.


I despise you backlash

Unfortunatly, thats about all there is to say about the gameplay, it really is that simple, however, as with all rare games, I feel that I must comment on the music and graphics. The graphics are alright for the system and get the job done, however, its not nearly as pretty as Banjo Kazooie. But that is all supplemented by the music. Its chaotic, funny and energizing. Also, the explosion sounds are satisfying as heck. By the way, if you have played Goldeneye, you will notice that one of the explosion sounds is similar to that of the D5K Deutsche.


Blast Corps is a fantastic game that seems to have gone overlooked, which is a shame because it is another classic game from Rare, despite a couple of minor flaws! Play it!



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