Gaming Frustrations

Have you ever had that game that you feel would be an easy 100% but some glitch or strange programming decision bars your path? Well, you are not alone because I have been suffering from it for the last 13 years with Donkey Kong 64. I swear, every single time I try, I am stopped dead in my tracks by one seemingly innocent minigame. Yes, those of you that have played it know the one, BEAVER BOTHER!! I honestly believe that this game was created to make grown men cry tears of bitter defeat. For the uninitiated, let me spell it out for you. You play as a crocodile and your goal is to herd beavers into a hole. A certain number must be obtained within the time limit and should you fail, you have to start over again. Now this may seem like an easy concept, and it should be easy, but there is one fatal flaw, one little thing that makes it a million times harder than it should be. The programming on the beavers is broken beyond repair. They always stand on the edge of the hole but never, ever, go in. I have spent at least a half hour trying to beat the two in Creepy Castle, but its impossible. Sadly, I am so invested, that I will play it until I win….I just hope that it happens before I lose my sanity. If anyone knows a trick to complete it, let me know!!


My thoughts exactly

My thoughts exactly


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