Super Dodgeball (Short Review)


Super Dodgeball is a good deal of fun. Developed by CSG Imagesoft in 1989, the game was a fresh take on the simple game of dodgeball.

Now you might be asking yourself, “How could there possibly be a fresh take on dodgeball,” well for starters, the characters have health bars. Yep, they players have health meters and the goal of the game is to bludgeon your three opponents to death with the innocent dodgeball. The next key difference is that players don’t return to play once a ball has been caught, once their meter is empty, they are out permanently. The next key difference is the players on the side of the arena. You can choose to pass the ball off to them in order to get a cheap shot in. However, these attacks don’t do very much damage so unless your opponents are camping the back, this isn’t the recommended way to beat them.


But what good is a game about dodgeball without some cool abilities. Well let me tell you, there are some pretty sweet, “super throws,” as I call them. One of them is just a standard throw that flies across the screen faster. But others split the ball into multiples or allow you to jump over the center line. Most of these are accomplished by getting a running start and throwing the ball right before you hit the center. If you do hit the center before hand, then your player drops the ball and turns around thus giving your opponents a nice opportunity.

The single player game is pretty simple. It is a world tour mode where you control team USA as they travel around defeating their opponents from all four corners of the earth. Honestly, this is where my only gripe about the game comes in, I would have like to try some of the other teams. Fortunately, the game only takes 30-40 minutes to complete. Now you might think this is criminally short but it stops the game from overstaying its welcome. Super Dodgeball is one of those games that is best in short bursts.

But lets be honest, the best part of the game is the multiplayer. You can choose your team and demolish your friend sitting next to you. Reliving those childhood memories of throwing a ball in their face is very good fun.

Overall, Super Dodgeball, is a fun little arcade style game. Is it extremely long or is the most detailed? No but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a blast to play for an hour or two every once in a while.




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