The Adventures of Donkey Kong

So I recently picked up a stuffed Donkey Kong toy, one that can be seen in an old AVGN episode, as a mascot at work. My coworker and I figured our shoddy work area could use something fun, after all, the area consists of 3 wobbly tables, dozens of power cables and thousands of dollars of networking equipment. Not exactly what you would call fun or interesting. After a bit of digging on Ebay, I found the perfect one, a nearly mint condition 12″ Donkey Kong from the early 80’s.


After getting to know each other over the course of the weekend, I decided that he was a cool enough chimp to bring into work. He started off pretty darn well. I decided to put him on cabling duties


After proving his worth on cabling, it was time to move him up to the big time. Kong worked on configurations.


And even supervised the operation


However, one day I caught him stealing cookies and had to scold him. Something he didn’t take lightly. Lets just say that he has been demoted to the passenger seat of the car.



-Classic Game Nerd (Jared)



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