Starcrafts: Starcraft 2 Parody From Carbot Animations

Starcrafts is a short video series that I found recently that parodies Starcraft 2 and the tactics used during the game. I think the animator does a fantastic job of capturing the spirit and character of the games units. Please Enjoy and give Carbot Animations some love!!!

Below are links to my top 5, so far

Starcrafts Episode 2: Zealot Rush.
This one is freaking hilarious, it’s the first Starcrafts Episode that I saw and it still makes me roll everytime I see it, poor zealot

Episode 3: Micro Marine
Ah micromanagement, the bane of my existence. Still a funny video though, love the beginning chase with the two marines and the zealot. So funny

Episode 6:  A Hellion of a Harass
This episode actually gave me a couple of ideas for when I play, Hellion harrasments work pretty well. But my favorite part is the Infestor at the end, just watch and you will see what I am talking about

Episode 14: BWC ( World Championships) 2012
An episode made for the tournament.

Episode 15: Attention Seeker
This one is just plain cute


I have to say, finding a top 5 is difficult. I really enjoyed every single one of them, if you have a half hour to spare, give them all a watch, you will not be dissapointed.